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Switching EHRs Without Sacrificing Your Submission

Switch EHRs without sacrificing your MIPS reporting (or your sanity).

Create a step-by-step transition plan that includes provider champions.

A successful submission and a blueprint for rolling out future initiatives.

It’s the three words you never want to hear: we’re switching EHRs.

“We knew it was coming, and we knew it would be a trial no matter what,” Tia Demand, clinical informatics supervisor for Bothwell Regional Health Center, recalls of her organization’s EHR switch. “I wanted to have a clear picture of what needed to be done, as far as MIPS reporting, to make sure the right data would be there at the end of the year.”

So, Tia did what she had done countless times before: she called her Medisolv Quality Advisor. Together, they created a step-by-step plan that prepared Tia’s team for every phase of the transition.

Creating a Step-by-Step Plan

“We knew reporting the data for the whole year was a big focus right off the bat,” Tia explains. “We needed to make sure all our data was being captured both prior to and after the launch so that way we could report 365 days of MIPS quality measure data to CMS in its entirety.”

After the new EHR went live on July 1, the team shifted its priorities—exactly as planned.

“Our biggest focus at that point was making sure we had all the interfaces working so that we had at least one more 90-day period to choose from for our Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activity measures,” Tia says. “With our Quality Advisor’s help, we already had an idea of what reporting period we were going to use, but we also wanted to have padding underneath us.”

Getting Providers to Make the Mental Switch

But even the best data capturing in the world can’t overcome providers’ resistance to change.

“It’s a struggle to get buy-in with MIPS in general, and, just when you get your ducks in a row, things change, whether it’s an EHR switch or a new regulatory requirement,” she says with a laugh.

To change attitudes, Tia and her team identified provider champions who undertood the end goal.

“Our provider champions embrace why we’re doing this and do a good job in their own documentation,” she points out. “Our goal is for them to work directly with their peers so that providers are learning from other providers, rather than being taught the workflow by IT.”

Tia also encourages the use of the Medisolv data as a motivator.

“There are multiple angles to drive home the importance of documenting patient safety, standardizing best practices, and providing quality care based on participating in MIPS/MACRA,” she says. “There’s public reporting, naturally, but we also set internal benchmarks and provider/clinic comparisons to gain both leadership and provider buy-in.”

If You Can Switch EHRs, Imagine What Else You Can Do!

Today, all of the team’s tireless planning and provider coaching is finally paying off.

“I can see our culture changing,” Tia says. “Our staff is now much more accepting of the EHR. And as the quality data becomes more and more available to them and they can see the trends, they are starting to understand that there are real benefits to what we’re doing.” 

Now she feels confident that her team is ready for whatever comes next.

 “We’re starting to roll out ambulatory registries, and our team’s understanding of MIPS is really crucial to that,” she shares. “I think as quality leaders, we have the opportunity to provide a template to help both nurses and physicians truly embrace standards of care. We also have the opportunity to drive innovation and improve efficiency with all the information and technology that is continually evolving.”

“My Medisolv Quality Advisor has been a real mentor. She’s great at helping me understand the regulatory changes, where we’re going and were we need to be.”
Tia Demand
Clinical Informatics Supervisor | Bothwell Regional Health Center
“There’s so much left to interpretation with CMS. It’s not uncommon for me to say to my Medisolv Quality Advisor, ‘Help! I can interpret this three different ways.’ And she always points me in the right direction.”
Tia Demand
Clinical Informatics Supervisor | Bothwell Regional Health Center
“My Medisolv Quality Advisor is someone I lean on. She’s just terrific in helping me figure out what to do to get my numbers where they need to be.”
Tia Demand
Clinical Informatics Supervisor | Bothwell Regional Health Center
“Medisolv has kind of become my baby! I love what I am doing, and it's helped me grow into the role I have now.”
Tia Demand
Clinical Informatics Supervisor | Bothwell Regional Health Center

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