eBook: Inpatient eCQM Benchmark Report

How does your hospital stack up?


As a quality leader, you know how well your hospital or health system performs on the electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) that you collect and send to CMS. What you probably don’t know is if your eCQM results are high or low relative to hospitals and health systems with the same patient population or clinical service lines, because CMS has never published eCQM result. Now you do, thanks to Medisolv’s exclusive new Inpatient eCQM Benchmark Report.

This free eBook gives you the following benchmarks on 12 inpatient eCQMs, based on performance for all four quarters of 2022:

  • Mean score
  • Median score
  • 1st Quartile score
  • 3rd Quartile score
  • Maximum score
  • Minimum score

The benchmarks are based on the latest data from roughly 200 U.S. hospitals, which represent a sampling of ENCOR users.

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