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MVP Selection Worksheet: A Guide to Choosing Which MVP to Report

Let's be honest, it is not easy to understand all the options for MVP reporting. Which MVP should you do first? Which measures are available in that MVP? What is the type of measure (eCQM, CQM)?

So, our team of QPP experts came up with this incredible Excel workbook for you.

In this Excel sheet you can:

  1. Sort by MVP to see which measures are included within the MVP
  2. Sort by measure type (eCQM vs CQM)
  3. Review how many MVPs use that measure to find the most common measures across MVPs
  4. Look at established and new MVPs for 2024

This should help your team decide how you want to start down the MVP path. We suggest you at least consider starting with one MVP in 2024 to see how it goes. Medisolv is supporting the following MVPs in 2024.

  1. Value in Primary Care
  2. Focusing on Women’s Health
  3. Advancing Care for Heart Disease
  4. Adopting Best Practices and Promoting Patient Safety within Emergency Medicine
MVP Selection worksheet

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